Adding a permanent member to your staffing team is a decision that deserves only the best to make sure that your next new hire is the right one. There are many issues to consider when adding a new employee to your staff including:

  • Their fit to the job requirements
  • Their background and skills
  • Their stability as an employee
  • Their ability to work with management
  • Their work ethic and capacity to work without having to be micromanaged
  • Their professional ethics
  • Their personality and how they will fit with your staff and corporate culture.

Econosoft's professional sales managers work extensively with the finest industry talent to provide you with just the right permanent placement choices. In addition to a commitment to quality that you come to expect from Econosoft, our placement resources provide a long list of additional services that make this important staffing step just a little biteasier, including:

Finding the right person:

We can handle all of those details that include running ads, filtering resumes and checking out initial contacts, so when you are ready for interviews, you will know that Econosoft has done the homework for you.

Skills assessment:

We verify that the applicants we send your way can do what their resume says they can do. By the time an applicant see you, they have already been interviewed extensively and their skills evaluated and checked out by Econosoft.

Seasoned Talent:

Each position has a different level of skills. From the best and the brightest of recent graduates to industry professionals that bring histories of work success and diverse talents, you will know that the expertise represented by applicants from Econosoft will always be top notch.

We stand behind our people:

Even after you put an Econosoft applicant on staff, our support for that placement doesn't stop there. We stand behind whom we place with you, and if by chance the placement doesn't work out, we have a solid guarantee program in place, so the risk of that permanent placement for you is dramatically reduced. Econosoft is an industry leader in placing high quality employees with our client companies. Your satisfaction and seeing our placement become a valued member of your team are the objectives of every Econosoft Sales Manager. Put us to work today in assisting you to find the perfect fit for that important job opening you have.

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